Wednesday, 17 April 2013

British Support Weapons

I have been working on some British Support Weapons. I don't want to be fielding infantry squads who are required to just charge into the Hun with no mortars or anti tank support. I dug out my old Revell British Infantry and took out all of the PIAT, 2 inch mortar, and bren teams. I washed them in a bowl of water and washing up liquid, and then proceeded to paint them. 

I now have three PIAT teams, three mortar teams, and I think four bren teams on the move, with a couple firing. I took photos of a couple, but need to find a better place to take photographs. 


  1. Very nice paint jobs and basing James. I must say that Revell PIAT bloke is one of my less favourite PIAT blokes, even among the crappy selection of PIAT blokes currently available to us in plastic.

    Cheers, Dave

    1. Unfortunately, in my figure stash, it was between the Revell team, or the (in my opinion) even more dreadful ESCI PIAT firer, and converting someone to be his team mate. So I had to take the lesser of two evils. It will serve for now.

      I have yet to experiment with the amazing looking static grass, so like to keep my basis simple right now. Thanks!