Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Jagdpanther, the first of a million (okay, four, but still...)

This puppy has been sitting on my desk for ages just waiting to be finished off. I still think it is a bit too clean, and may do some more work on that. I had to add a track link into the left hand tracks. The same mistake won't be happening on the other ones I build.


  1. Hi James. Not sure about the camo scheme here. Looks like hinterhalt (or "ambush" scheme), but where are the reverse flecks on the dunkelgelb sections? That is why it looks so clean. However, also be aware that it is a bone of contention as to whether hinterhalt is actually historically correct for Jagdpanther, due to a shortage of convincing photographic evidence.

    Cheers, Dave

    1. I believe in not making things up and always following a picture while painting. This camo scheme was in a photo online that I copied. I did think it was strange that there was no reverse flecks. I guess I won't be able to rely on Google image searches now though...