Sunday, 28 April 2013

WIP Achilles part 2. Bed rolls?

My efforts to make the Achilles look presentable are slowly moving along. I decided to put some bed rolls, or rolls of stuff hanging from the sides. This helps cover some of the bare surfaces. This is the second tank I have tried this on. The other is a Sherman that hasn't been posted up here yet. 

I made the long one on the hull first. You can see remnants of my indecision about where to put the straps. It is unfortunate, but I hope paint will cover it, or I might use some filler to hide it better. These rolls started off as sausages of green stuff. I then flatten the ends by tapping them on my desk, and attach them onto the surface I want them on. Next comes the sculpting. I used the back edge of a craft knife to make the strap marks. I just roll the knife around the sausage a couple of times, and press gently in. 

The other indentations are created by using a cocktail stick, the pointed end facing the strap marks. I then do a few more dotted around the sausage to try and make it look natural.

I stick the end of the cocktail sticks into the ends of the sausage, and work it so there is a circle hole. I then squeeze it back together, leaving the hole visible, making it look like it is actually a roll of something.

We will see how they look when I get around to painting it all up. More stowage will follow. I am trying to work out what to use as shells to fit to the back of the turret. My only thought right now is of possibly using the ends of cocktail sticks.

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