Friday, 28 July 2017

They're minerals Marie!

You can never have enough terrain. The main thing holding me back has been the question, what do I base my features on?! Well inspiration struck when I found a floor tile from Poundland that I had chopped into four. I have been cutting it up and sticking bits on.

Above you see the bark that I liberated from a children's play area. I have more, but wanted to experiment first before committing to a method. I like it so far. needs a spray and then painting.

These purple shineys were somewhere and I pocketed a few. I now have six mineral deposits. The random bead things were from In Excess and cost me like 20p for the packet. I wanted them to be alien artifacts and so have made them into ruins. They will require some burying I think.

This poor picture shows the first of my 6mm US and Wehrmacht infantry. I have a couple of squads here but need more. More are already painted, but were awaiting bases. I have bases so will work on these over the next weeks.

To do list:

Make 6mm hedgerows/bocage.
Finish the rocks and minerals.
Get some games in.

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