Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Castle of Burgundy

Today my brother in law came over to play games. We have painted miniatures together on occasion, really got into Marvel Dice Masters together, and are now occasional boardgame buddies. He is 15. 

He got Castles of Burgundy for Christmas back in 2015 and never played it. My board gaming time has been replaced mostly by either work, playing with my daughters, spending time with my wife or painting/terrain building, then the occasional dabble of PC gaming (I am updating Starcraft 2 with about 4 years worth of patches right now).

Now I am not exactly well versed in the board game jargon these days, but I believe it is a "Euro-game". The idea is you earn victory points by building the best estate (I assume in Burgundy). You can add fields, buildings, river trade, and "knowledge" upgrades. The theme is quite cool, and different from my normal Sci Fi tipple, but I absolutely love the aspect of building an estate. I genuinely think that is my favourite type of board game. Build an estate/empire/space station/nation.

It took about 2 hours to play, but we were learning as we went. Next time we will get the game done in under an hour. I won't do a review as such, but playing today has rekindled my desire to game more with real people. I need to put more feelers out there to try and get a monthly get together organised, even if it has to be at my house. I am sick of playing solo, even though it allows me to play some pretty cool narrative based stuff.

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