Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Terrain Blitz

Finally getting some old bits of terrain nearer to being finished.

Fidget spinner packet stuck to a floor tile.
A bunch of resin buildings from eBay ages ago.
Lid of wet wipes to be a bunker.
Two McDonald's Angry Birds toys which will be orbital cannons.


  1. It's good to see the old GZG buildings in there as well, anything particular planned for them?

    1. I wasn't aware they are GZG. I bought them from Daemonscape, but they might be related. I had planned on just having generic buildings for generic purposes, but maybe having a particular settlement in mind might help. I wanted to just lighten them up and add a splash of colour.

  2. Quite a nice collection it's turning out to be.

  3. I go through phases. Sometimes I love terrain building. Sometimes I hate it. I have just come off of a hating it phase. So I will blitz over a few weeks, put out some cool stuff, then probably start hating it again my the end of January.