Saturday, 4 November 2017

UCS and Collective infantry reinforcements.

Last night I sealed my new UCS and Collective infantry. This means I now actually have Collective infantry that fit the colour scheme of their mecha and other vehicles, as I had previously been using some generic grey infantry who I didn't exactly like.

I have 12 stands of Collective infantry which is more than enough for Horizon Wars and will be a good start for Laserstorm. Collective infantry are Grund Zero Games USNC marines? Something like that.

I also have 13 or 14 stands of UCS infantry. He's guys are Brigade Models PAC infantry.

You will see these have 4 figures per base while I had previously been using 3. I prefer 4 because they look more powerful, but obviously I will get fewer stands out of any pack of infantry now.


  1. Looking deadly, the UCS infantry is proper impressive!

    1. They need to be in order to try and maintain order and compliance in their systems of control.