Tuesday, 30 January 2018

2018 Goals and Reflections after some thought.

I have been spending this month gathering my thoughts and deciding what projects I want to press forward with and what to leave alone for a bit. I am thinking about various hobbies, my career and my family. What is going to go on this year? I am not sure. But I will try and talk about it.

Looking back at my blog, I cannot believe it has been over five years since I took up the hobby again. I also cannot believe how much I have developed as a model maker and miniature painter. I look at my first couple of posts, almost embarrassed that I thought the internet would be interested in that. Building Terrain? Sure, I have had a go at that with mixed successes. I am so proud of it all. However, I have things that have been left on the back burner that I want to bring up to the forefront again.

My main focus this year in terms of painting, army building and terrain creation will be my 6mm WW2 project. I will need another order of Heroics and Ros miniatures and may also order some stuff from Baccus, which will give me a chance to get their ACW troops who I will use for Starport Scum as space cowboys. But again, my main focus is on WW2. Terrain building will be tricky I think. I reckon I will resort to purchasing buildings, which may be a little pricey. I am investigating hedgerows and forests, roads and rivers. I look forward to building terrain.

Where will my focus lie in gaming? Well I have a Horizon Wars campaign on the go, with one battle fought and more to come when I find time. There is also a Starport Scum campaign currently going, with a third adventure hopefully appearing this week/weekend. I am running a Horizon Wars campaign/tournament during my school activities week in June which will be interesting. Once I have enough terrain and miniatures I intend to try out my Battlegroup Overlord rules. I feel like I can use them solo for a couple of small engagements to get the hang of things. Students in my school may find that more interesting than my Tranquil Stars universe. 

I don't want to be too ambitious because there is a lot going on personally this year. Well, I hope for a successful year.


  1. Best of luck and I look forward to reading more about these projects.