Sunday, 7 January 2018

Imperial Knights.

Well I painted these guys to resemble the Imperial Knights from the Star Wars Legacy comics. I chose to paint blue blades as they would stick out more than white blades. The problem I am now left with is who they are, who they fight for, and if I have to come up with some kind of "the force"? Or do I just go crazy and turn my universe into Star Wars. 

Courtesy of Wookieepedia

If I turn it into Star Wars, then I need to source Star Wars vehicles (space craft okay, the miniatures game) and good Stormtroopers, soldiers I can paint up as rebels, then other factions.

If I keep my Tranquil Stars setting, I don't want to just shoehorn "the Force" into it, or some kind of evil empire. I don't have an Empire yet.


  1. For small scales, most fully armored figures can make decent storm troopers with the white/black paint jobs. Some of the GZG types should work pretty well.

    1. Yeah and for rebels, any generic troops as they seem to be steering away from those blue uniformed guys (who I think should have been Leia's Alderaanian guard or something).