Saturday, 27 January 2018

WW2 Project - A Fresh Start

Part of my plan this year, and having not made a "here is my plan for 2018" post this may come as a surprise, is to make progress on my 6mm WW2 project. I bought some Heroics and Ros miniatures at Colours 2016. I immediately painted up some Germans then stopped. Then over the summer of 2017 I painted up the US infantry and based a couple of squads of US and German infantry. Then it stopped.

However, I have been thinking about my dust-gathering set of Battlegroup Overlord rules and figured I would get back on track to actually use them.

Tonight this journey began. Four things happened:

1. I took the "finished" infantry and made a few final touches: I painted the rims of the bases black for normal infantry, red for NCOs and yellow for the BAR teams. They are now easier to spot on the table, and keeps my bases all a uniform round shape.

2. I based another two-ish squads of US infantry, then textured the bases. I will paint them at some point this week.

3. I based and textured the vehicles. You will see I have a grand total of four Sherman 76s. I ordered one of those and three standard M4s, but they gave me four 76s. I didn't really think to check and am not exactly complaining. I will order more soon.

4. I painted the buildings a light grey colour. I intend to get those ready for the table quickly.

My brother is currently painting up 15mm WW2 figures for Flames of War. I am encouraging him to play Battlegroup, but don't know if that will work. However, one thing I am inspired by is how simple his paint jobs are. I will be simplifying my 6mm paint jobs too.

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  1. You can do really simple stuff in 6mm and still have it come out great. I'm excited to see how these end up.