Thursday, 28 June 2018

Activities Week Day 2: Horizon Wars

More fighting over Viima Outpost. New Charon Tanks defend their homes.

Will there even be a Wessington Springs left after this war?

Battle in the woods outside Wessington.

PAC armour advances up next to the space port.

PAC mecha capturing the fuel dump.

Tank engagement at the space port.

Advancing through the woods near Wessington Springs.

Achtung! Panzer!

Spider mech running into Wessington Springs.

Battle over the village. Who will prevail?

Empire of Oceana attack the UCS command mech.

Battle over the power station.

My best roll ever.

HySys infantry taking down Quansec forces.

HySys close in for the final victory.

Quansec left with very little, retreat.

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