Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Reinforcements: All factions. Updated photos for Activities Week.

 The Collective of Independent Systems.

 HySys GMBH. A major corporation with all kinds of interests in all kinds of systems.

Neo Christian Union. Fanatical about converting others to their cause. By any means necessary.

 Quansec. Another corporation with interstellar interests. It is always worth having a security wing for...hostile negotiations.

 New Charon Militia. They even managed to get hold of a couple of old UCS tanks.

 New Vesta Defence Force. Their job is to hold out until the nearest UCS garrison can be mobilized.

Factions aside, I have some other things going on. Terrain is being built on a production line. These are varnished, the three on top have been sprayed with a matt laquer. All things coming along nicely. I will add some dry brushing at some point.

Am I a bad person? I have literally used a sharpie to draw on doors and other designs. I just want them done for next week.


  1. Looks good, recycling thing into terrain is always a good idea :)

    1. One day I will actually stick stuff on, but right now it is about quantity, not quality.

  2. Some people use Sharpies to 'paint' models. I don't see anything wrong with using them for quick terrain.

    1. I will have a look at some models "painted" with Sharpies. Ben, are you still local? I feel like we are missing many opportunities to use our lovely Horizon Wars rules.

  3. I think it was Luke's APS that popularised sharpies for models:


    Still local-ish, having moved to Lordswood though I've not played HW for some time. I don't think it really grips me to be honest.