Monday, 25 June 2018

Activities Week: Day 1

Here is a collection of the games from the first day of Activities Week. I couldn't keep up with the action as there were lots of rules questions. Luckily only one student decided to try ruining it for the others by cheating.

Hugging the crystals to gain a victory point.

Close quarters fighting at the farm near Wessington Springs.

Feldon Outpost, buried deep in the jungle.

The crystal deposits over which Quansec and HySys are fighting.

Battle for the control tower of Ankura space port.

Shooting over the field, the NCU attacks.

Holding the objective, the Collective prove too hard to dislodge.

Advancing up the flank.

UCS trying to dislodge the Collective forces on the objective.

Battle for Ankura space port rages on.

Securing more crystal deposits.

Fighting in the village.

Battle rages in Viima Outpost on New Charon.

Battle still raging.

Trying to force the NCU out of Viima.

Advancing up the field.

Forcing the NCU back.

Victory is almost there for the New Charon Militia.

The Assault on Ankura space port continues.

PAC forces slowly push back the Western Alliance defenders.

UCS advance through the jungle.


  1. A great couple of games, that's fantastic!

  2. You wouldn't believe how proud it makes me to see Horizon Wars being used as an accessible, low-cost gateway to the hobby for kids in an educational setting. You couldn't have more perfectly captured my highest ambition for the game (other than making me fabulously wealthy beyond measure, obviously).

    1. I am glad I can be part of that. The moments where you see in the eyes of a 12 year old boy that he gets it, when he realises he has to send some elements around the flank, when he tucks a heavy infantry element in a hard to shoot spot on the objective were special. Watching their excitement when they walked into the room and saw five battlegrounds set up, the likes of which they have never seen before. When they were chasing their final kills to win the game. It was juSt brilliant.