Saturday, 16 June 2018

Reinforcements: UCS and another faction

For my activities day event I am running 5 games at once. As such I need 10 armies. I think this will be my final army, but I have no back story for them yet.

CinC Solar Empire Marines, also their tanks. Iron Wind Metals 10mm battle armour for the mecha.

I don't have great photos of the UCS armies that I have created. So I thought I would take one and show it. 

Brigade models Neo Soviet tanks and PacFed infantry. Ground Zero Games mecha and the big one is EM4.

Below are two sniper teams on New Vesta. I thought I would make some special forces units.

CinC planetary militia? 


  1. Really like the new faction, very unique paintjob that really stands out among the others!

    1. I already had those tanks painted but didn't have any infantry or mecha that I was happy to use with them. So I went for it and put together some mecha and infantry to match. I just need to decide who they are...