Tuesday, 10 July 2018

GZG Birthday Present.

I made an order from GZG to arrive and open this morning. It arrived very quickly, well packaged as normal.

I ordered a set of mecha, 4 vehicles, and five packs of infantry. I love the description of their 6mm infantry packs, where it claims there are "30+" figures. My very first order contained about 87 infantry in one single pack, which was amazing. Since then I have always had, perhaps overly, high expectations.

Here we have the ESU naval infantry. 61 infantry. This will be enough to increase the size of my New Charon Militia, have some single based figures for skirmishing, and also perhaps mix them in to create some Rebels for possible Star Wars projects.

 I think these are the FSE infantry, but can't remember. I will edit this when home. 56 infantry. Some of these may be put in my Star Wars project, others will be turned into militia. These guys are more likely to be used for skirmish gaming.

The following two factions have 60 figures each. Plenty for both Horizon Wars and skirmish gaming. They are the Islamic Federation and the Corporate Japanese factions? I am not sure what my plan for these figures is though. I think one lot will be the Second Caliphate, but the others, I have no clue. I just want a stash of figures.

New Israeli. 59 infantry. Reinforcements for The Pan Asian Combine, plus some single based for skirmishing.

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