Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Projects for the Summer Holidays

With the completion of activities week, it appears I have some kind of hobby burn out. Not surprising as I rushed to get a lot done for that week. However, a few projects are finding their way into my mind, and a few ideas are forming.

1. Complete some more 6mm WW2 terrain. I need roads. I have ideas. I just need to make them.

2. Order and paint some WW2 armoured vehicles. I have enough infantry to field a platoon. I just need more armour options.

3. Build more bark rock formations - I found myself at a play area yesterday and filled my pockets with bark. They will get formed ASAP.

4. Paint some Imperial Assault miniatures from my brother. He will be giving me some guys to paint and I will do my best.

5. Customize some old WOTC Star Wars Miniatures. I would like to make characters from the new trilogy.

I guess watch this space.

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