Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Battlegroup Rules and WW2

My planning for the Sergeants' War campaign are stalled? I just have no motivation. Bedtime with the children is a nightmare right now and my wife and I are collapsing on the sofa at 8pm after fighting with the children, then rushing out and watering plants, washing up. We are exhausted. I can just about read my book, let alone wargame. 

However, for some reason I have gotten it into my head that I will finally try out my Battlegroup rules, especially since picking up three more supplements in their round or reprints. I finally have Fall of the Reich, which is my massive regret. Now hopefully they reprint Blitzkrieg and I will die happy. I may even pick up the Pacific and North Africa supplements at some point, but don't really feel it.

As such, I have written up a US Infantry division battlegroup and a Wehrmacht Infantry division battlegroup for a Normandy battle. The guidelines suggest not having an entire board of bocage, so I will limit that. However, I cannot for the life of me find the actual rule book. Back in 2014 I picked up BG Overlord and BG Barbarossa (I was painting up some T34s and had some grey Panzers) and with them came a small paperback version of the rules. The problem is, it isn't with my supplements. I have taken it to read on the toilet at some point and not put it back properly. I have already torn the house apart but have honestly no idea. I am sick of looking through the same places to find it. This battle is essentially paused until I can find it. 

It will, however  give me the breathing space to put together some lone standing trees. I till go old school and put some of them on some green felt to represent woods. I will base them on pennies. That is my task tonight. I also need to do something to the trees because they are crappy, plastic, shiny ones from China. 

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