Thursday, 27 June 2019

6mm Colonial Marines: No sharp sticks though.

After debating and pausing the creation of more bases of infantry, I decided to say "screw it" and not bother waiting for magnetic coins. I don't really need them to store all of my units, and can actually rely on the magnetic attributes of surrounding stands to keep these ones in place.

As such, behold my colonial marines. Four stands of infantry and the APC. This will be enough for a small Horizon Wars army, and maybe for other rule sets, should I fancy it. I still have a number of these guys left over, waiting to be completed either the same way, or as a different faction. Or perhaps they are doomed to live on in my lead mountain. (Khurasan Miniatures)

Reinforcements for the New Charon Militia. I only had four infantry stands but now I have seven. That should be enough to keep me going for a long while, unless I get off my butt and give Laserstorm a go. (Ground Zero Games)

A few more mecha, probably to be used with the colonial marines if I get them to the table next week. I look forward to using these. They are probably my all time favourite mech. (Ground Zero Games)

Below we have our scientists. With these stands complete, I now have my objective markers to continue the New Charon campaign. I am looking forward to seeing what conclusions they come to about those ruins. (CinC)

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