Sunday, 30 June 2019

Modular Industrial Complex pt. 6 -3 new tiles

Having dug through my boxes of crap, and finding a random empty printer ink cartridge under the front passenger seat of my car it was high time to carry on with my project.

Here we have some lids, a golden bead and my little huts. They are made from cabinet mounts, I polyfilled in the holes and stuck cocktail straws in one of the holes. Card doorways. These huts are my answer to Quanset huts because I have been really struggling to make them using card. These are simple, cheap (pack of 20 for a pound or so), and look fine.

Yogurt pot, cable tidys for doors, green stuff and junk to make a pile of junk. Some random thing on top, it might have been from a pen?

Printer ink cartridge, cocktail straws, more greenstuff and bits. A broken light bulb.

Here they are all together. I will likely prime them tomorrow night.

Here are all six tiles together. I am pleased with how it is looking.

Behold my attempt to make Vietnam inspired dwellings for planets with non-developed colonies. I like the idea of people living off the grid in places like this. They are the cabinet mounts, one covered in poly-filla and scored to make it look like thatch. The other covered in green stuff, which might be expensive, but I am using the same stuff I bought 10 years ago to customise Star Wars miniatures.

Shipping containers. They look fine. They will do the job and cost the cost of the paint that went on them. Happy with them.

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