Monday, 3 June 2019

Scum for the Starport part 4

Finished my latest batch of characters last night. I am pretty much sold on the small washers for bases, although they aren't battle tested yet. They may as yet prove to be too unstable. They look pretty sexy though.

A group of colonists posing on a patch of crops. This crop has been designed to be growable in just about any place imaginable. It will keep you alive, long after the animals have died.

Sometimes you need the hired guns. One can scrape a living protecting those who can't protect themselves. Of course, if the money is is not inconceivable that sides might be swapped...

Pack animals and travelers. There are those who lead nomadic lives, traveling from one colony to another, seeing the universe. Others can be found settling on a planet and leading a hermetic existence. Either way, one must be wary of such folk.

 And sometimes, you just meet plain old weirdos.

 ...or you bump into assassins.

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