Thursday, 2 June 2016

Armour for Horizon Wars

I have finally found the time to give my mechs a dark wash (Citadel Nuln Oil). I then thought, what the hell, and decided to open up my Vallejo sand colour to dry brush to bring out more detail and give a more weathered look. I am pleased with the results, although there are a few areas where I didn't manage to wipe enough paint off the brush. 

I have also had the chance to paint up my little pile of armour from both Brigade and Ground Zero Games. 

Above we see Neo-Soviet Bizon tanks. Some of them came with side skirts, some didn't. Others have fuel tanks on the back. I painted them a light green, then added some camouflage patterns, washed with Nuln Oil and then drybrushed with sand. Again, I was quite heavy handed in places, but am pleased with the results. I might add some flock to the bases.

Above we see some Pacific Federation hover tanks, and some GZG vehicles, the name of which I cannot remember. Their colour scheme is heavily inspired (read stolen) from the Horizon Wars rule book, and then too heavily dry brushed.

These are GZG hover APCs. I just formed a little hill with Green Stuff then squashed the vehicle onto it. Does not give a huge idea that they are hovering, but I don't really care at this point. I am learning. They are actually a dark green with some brown patches, but appear much darker.

Finally we have my Brigade Eurofed vehicles. These are light cavalary and light artillery probably. I just dry brushed them. It annoys me that they are on non-circular bases, but not enough to want to change them.

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