Sunday, 26 June 2016

Terrain and News

Having now played 3 basic games of Horizon Wars, it feels great to be familiar with the basics. My intention is now to create some new narratives in my universe. In order to make those battles more interesting, I had a burst of finishing terrain over the weekend.

Below are some colony structures, with room to improve if inspiration strikes me.

I have also re-based a few of my figures who were on these tiny wooden bases. They are now all on magnetic coins for weight and storage. These single based figures will be used for other games. I want to try out Starport Scum. I want to finally use Clash on the Fringe or 50 Parsecs from Home.


  1. I'm looking at Horizon Wars but, not being very experienced in smaller scale gaming, I'm wondering what you used to base these?

    I assume the things that look like plug covers are just that, hence not needing bases, but is the other stuff at the back on squares of plasticard? Or something else?

    1. Welcome to the blog, Ben. The plugs are indeed just plugs, with texture and paint.

      The rocky hill sections were based on card that is slightly thicker than a cereal packet...think the back of a pad of paper? They were originally larger, but warped with the PVA glue and probably paint. So I cut them down to just surround the rocks and it is less of a problem now, but they are still warped.

      The buildings are on rectangles of 3mm MDF that I ordered on eBay. I originally thought they would be larger, because I have some resin buildings I would like to base in pairs to make a modular settlement. But as it stands they are good for individual buildings.

    2. Thanks.

      I've known people use hardboard or 3mm MDF, but I'd have thought it would be too thick for this scale.

      If you want card, I've heard that beer coasters are good at resisting warping, though I haven't tried using them for basing.

      On another note, are you in/near Southampton?

    3. Yes, I live in West End. I see you are local too.

    4. Yes, I'm in Highfield. Let me know if you're looking for gaming buddies outside of school. (I don't know many here, besides a small Blood Bowl group.)

      I'm not sure whether we currently play any of the same games - though it was possible interest in Horizon Wars that led me here, so I'd be open to trying that.

    5. Ever since my time playing Star Wars Miniatures (2009 onwards) I have collected miniatures so as to be able to provide opponents with forces. As such I have enough Horizon Wars figures for two opposing forces that are decent sized if you want matching colour schemes. If you don't care then I can field two pretty huge armies.

      I would love to find real opponents to play against. And I bet you can just use rooms at uni for larger tables?

  2. I don't see a contact address for you but, having picked up your wife's name on here, I believe I've found you in the HW FB group, so I'll contact you that way.