Saturday, 11 June 2016

Infantry reinforcements and some P1 mechs.

I managed to have a painting session tonight, as my GZG order arrived earlier this week. I managed to base them and then prime them this morning before running some errands and going kayaking. My wife went to bed exhausted leaving me with time to paint and watch the football. One of these things was not disappointing. Both turned out how I expected, though.

I need to wash them, and am looking to get a larger variety of Citadel "shades" to give some more variety. The green infantry also need a few more details to be painted on them like the cloaks, and some backpacks.

GZG Hound Dog walkers, and I can't remember what infantry this is.

GZG walkers from their 2mm range. This is the four pack. More colour needed.

These were also GZG walkers in their 2mm range. The infantry are also GZG, but I can't remember which ones.

Two of my EM4 mechs.

Brigade Models Pacific Federation infantry. More painting needed.

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