Thursday, 28 July 2016

Jungle Foliage and other bits

I have been able to have hobby time every evening for the past week. It is a brilliant feeling. I managed to play a game of Starport Scum (review is coming), have primed a number of small mecha/powered armour suits, and took the plunge and made some foliage stands.

Below we can see my seven alien planet jungle stands. I will likely need many more of them, but these were more of an experiment than anything. I will probably still flock them before I call them finished. They are based on CDs, and the plants are aquarium plants ordered on ebay years ago. It was simply a case of taking the aquarium plants apart to varying degrees, smooshing up some Green Stuff (bought six years ago for customizing Star Wars Miniatures) that I have not used very much at all, wrapping a blob around the bottom end of the plant and putting it on the CD. Once dry I textured the base with Vallejo base texture, painted and drybrushed.

 You can also see my yellow resin buildings, I think from Demonscape on ebay. I ordered them back before Christmas to see what they would be like. You can also see a small field in the centre, and experimental bar furnishings made from pennies, the edge of Pringles lids, and a table made of a square of card and a blob of Green Stuff.

The roads/urban base areas are linoleum tiles bought from Poundland: 4 for £1. For the road sections I cut the tiles, conveniently along the pattern, removed the adhesive protection, sprayed the sticky side black, then drybrushed white. It has a small hexagonal pattern. The large square sections, I just sprayed the patterned side and drybrushed white. I might take some more pictures for another blog entry.

Coming up on this blog: some more P1/P2 mecha that are actually 10mm Power Armour from Ironwind Miniatures, I think. This was inspired by the Delta Vector blog.

I also intend to create more jungle stands, some more hills, and work out how to make actual terrain boards/mats that are easy to store.

The conclusion of the Rhoro Tharik story will be coming soon, as will other adventures, a Starport Scum review, and possibly some Horizon Wars action, as I have found (through this blog) someone to actually play with.


  1. Goodness, can't wait to see your review for Starport Scum.

    Been super anxious to hear what people think, since it's kind of a change of pace from what I usually do.

  2. Looks good. I have some aquarium plants that I bought around Christmas, but haven't done anything with yet. I ought to base them up, like you have, but need to decide on the best way to do it.

  3. Looks pretty good mate. Is that dropship made from a roll on deodorant?

    1. Yes it is. The shape lends itself to being a ship hull. However, the appendages were not sturdy enough and my toddler got to it and snapped them off again. Back to the drawing board.