Saturday, 23 July 2016

Starport Scum Characters

With school winding down, I found I had quite a lot to do. I got a couple of quick games in, but did not make a huge amount of progress on painting and populating my worlds. I had a bunch of Angel Barracks civilians and ruffians to paint, but because they aren't in uniform, trying to decide what colours to paint them proved difficult. Last night I just said screw it, got out some blue, yellow, light brown and went for it. Here are the characters:
 I can't decide whether these are going to be Rhoro Tharik's crew without armour, or if I will just make a new crew. They might be NPCs. I also have an unfinished woman of darker complexion, with a gun.

 Various civilians. It will just be nice to have people to get in the way, and interract with.


 Colonists armed to defend their village? Gang members?

 Civilian for scale. Do not mess with this person.
Lawmen. Colonial defence force? Perhaps Freehold New Charon Militia.


  1. A nice set of characters! I sure wouldn't mess with the mister in the 5th photo!

    1. She is useful for both Horizon Wars and Starport Scum. I might have to create some special rules for her in Starport Scum.