Thursday, 14 May 2020

Some painted Reaper Bones Miniatures

So tonight I will be playing a game of Song of Blades and Heroes as I have managed to finish off my dwarf. Along with the dwarf I have managed to paint up a bunch of miniatures that have been hanging around in various boxes under my bed for a few years now. I now have a few with which to make some warbands. Who knows...I might even have a look at that Frostgrave game that everyone loved a few years back.

Project 1: Turn my £2.50 aquarium decoration into something slightly better.

Oh okay. I just had to glue a bunch of clump foliage in various places. Job done.

 For scale with a 28mm figure.

This is my Salute 2013 figure. So what, seven years ago? I painted him and used Armypainter Quickshade on him. He has been sat in a craft box now for at least five years needing nothing but a finished base and maybe some highlights. Job done now. 

This dwarf had been pretty much base coated, then sat around for years slowly having the paint chip off. Done now. He was tough. I used a red wash on his red bits and then Agrax Earthshade on the rest of him. Highlights of silver for the metal parts, light brown on his beard and the bags on his back, then my desert yellow colour which is my generic highlight colour.

Also I have had these grass tufts sitting around for years but never used them until now. I felt they looked wrong on 20mm and obviously I wasn't going to waste them on 6mm.

The Sorceress. I used a green wash on her robe, and then Agragarx Earthshade for the non green parts. Then highlights - a light green and a light brown. I really like how she has turned out. Probably my favourite.

My Rogue - Female. Or Demon Hunter if I want to play Diablo III with miniatures. I found her quite tough with many colours on her before washing. Again a green wash on the cloak and then a general Agrathigax Earthshade over the rest. Green highlights, then a general desert yellow very light highlight over the rest of her.

The crusader. She has a few base coats and some steel. For her I just went with Agritix Earthshade all over for a wash, then silver highlights, and the general desert yellow. I need to think more about my highlights.

 Another long haired archer - I think meant to be an elf, but I can't see the ears. Tricky but worth it. Although the hood keeps chipping, which frustrates me no end.
I am not super happy with the highlights, I mean they make it look dirty I guess, but still. I might have another bash at this one.

 Another shot of my Salute figure. I attended Salute 2014 but missed out on the bag of goodies.

 These are the skeletons who will be fighting my adventurers tonight.

 Here are the adventurers.

Group shot.

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  1. I have the same archway, or at least a very similar one.

    There's a 2nd edition of Frostgrave coming out later this summer. They were giving away the current rulebook as a free download earlier in the lockdown, but I think that's over now.