Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New year, new ideas.

2014 has been a great year. The best of my life. I successfully applied to begin teacher training, I gathered useful experience in schools, I moved to Bristol for 3 months to improve my French, I began my teacher training, and most important of all, I got married and also discovered that I am going to be a dad this spring. 

Much of this got in the way of my model making and wargaming goals for the year. I only managed to play Bolt Action once, and that was with myself. I didn't take Flying Lead for a spin until December, but that was thoroughly enjoyable. I suppose I played more than in 2013. Thanks to Flying Lead, I imagine I will be playing more wargames in 2015.

In terms of model making, I had a good start to the year, but from May onwards it was a struggle to find the time or space. I hope to keep a steady trickle of projects on the go during the course of 2015, but I do not expect to get much done. The final half of my training, having a baby, and beginning (hopefully) a new job in a school will really take over most of my time. 

I think the purpose of this blog will become more diverse this year: I am very muh enjoying more boardgames recently, I am LOVING Marvel Dice Masters, and I have recently rekindled my love for Star Wars Miniatures and Pirates of the Spanish Main too. I think there may be battle reports of these games finding there way here, and possible pictures of some of my miniature customisations. 

I hope to see you around this year. Keep on modelling and inspiring me.