Saturday, 25 January 2014


...Well actually it is fire on the panzer...

Here are my first four smoke pillars. I have candles enough for a lore more, and pillow fluff enough to probably cover a whole table...but will just leave it at this for the time being. I don't intend on playing any large games.

Here is the unlucky victim: a Panzer IV that is yet to feature on the blog. I have to weather it up first.

I am very pleased with these nifty markers.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Russians: New basing, weathering powders.

After switching to static grass, I have now adjusted the actual basing material. I make a mixture of water, PVA and bird sand. It seems to be doing the job well, and provides more of a texture than wall filler. The only problem is, it is harder to paint. Maybe I will try mixing paint into the actual mixture. As such, this latest batch of Russians, I am very happy with.

The 45mm gun is the Zvezda model. It is the first one I have based with the crew. I am really happy with it. I also decided to try out my new Humbrol weathering powders on it. I am pleased with the effect. Okay, the wheels look muddier than the ground would allow, but I like it. My next project is to go back and apply shed loads of mud to my finished models.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Ingredients finally sourced.

Inspired, initially by this blog post, I have been trying to hunt down reasonably priced LED tea lights. I have been looking for the best part of a month. Amazon and Ebay all seem quite pricey for what I want them for. I found 3 for £1 on the Poundland website, and 6 packs on ASDA's website. However, they were not in my local branches. I have been on multiple occasions to find them, without success. What does a man have to do, to make burning vehicle markers, and just have fires burning all over the place?

Finally, last night, due to a desperate need for shower gel, I popped into ASDA at around midnight. I had been out, and had needed the RAC to come out and start my car...I don't just go shopping late at night for giggles. On a whim I checked out the candle section...and to my amazement, there they were! In all their glory!!! I picked myself up three boxes, because I don't know when I will see them again, a cheap pillow, and am now ready to get going.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

US Infantry, lighting still sucks.

So I changed the angle of my lights, in an attempt to get better photos. I don't think it really worked. I am a little annoyed. But here is what I have so far:

This is my Platoon Leader, with a radio operator, and a runner.

Here is one of my bazooka teams, sneaking up on a target.

Below is another bazooka team.

Here is a MMG team on the move.

This is half of my squad, with the BAR team.

Here is the second half, with the NCO there.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


I am excited to have finally finished almost an entire platoon of US infantry. I have another squad to paint up, and a 30 cal. Unfortunately, due to a badly placed light, and my own laziness, the photos are all too dark. But here is the command section. More to follow tomorrow when I take new pictures.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Armourfast Firefly

In my desire to have more armour for my British forces (turns out they didn't use the Sherman 76) I ordered two boxes of Armourfast Fireflies. That should give me enough to mix in with any Cromwells and boring old M4s. I can't see myself needing more than this. 

I like Armourfast. Their models are easy to put together, and you can knock out a few of them very quickly. They are, however, plain. To combat this, I put together some stowage, and wrapped some camouflage netting around the gun. At some point, I will get some British markings, but until then, I will leave it as is.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 in Review

Happy new year, folks. It has been a wild one. I threw myself back into this incredible hobby, moved to the Czech Republic for four months, returned and got engaged.

Regarding this hobby, I had no set goals in place. I hoped to enjoy myself, get some gaming in, and let my creative flair flow. I wanted to build a German and Allied army to enable myself to host a game. I purchased a copy of Bolt Action, giving me something to base my armies on, while also following the Battlegroup rules. They look very interesting, but I am not confident enough about my armies to feel that I could put on a good game.

Thus far I have completed a serviceable German platoon. I have a pair of Panzerschreck teams, an MG42, a couple of mortars. I need to put together a few LMG teams in firing positions, and some more heavy weapons. This will happen as and when I can bring myself to paint Germans, so painfully boring.

I also have my British platoon. I have enough support weapons, apart from on board heavy mortars. I am considering re-basing them though, as I discovered static grass far too late for these chaps.

I am on my way to having a Russian platoon, and also a US infantry platoon. The problem with the Americans is that they are Valiant infantry. They are very large. I love how they look. I love the poses I have come up with. But in reality, I think they will look silly when combined with other infantry. I dislike the pose of the 30 Cal. firer. I would like more prone infantry.

My armour collection has grown enough that I can easily support a game of Bolt Action.

The question now remains, what next?

My main goal is to get more games in. Having thought about it, there seem to be two obstacles in my way: I need to find people to play with, and I need more scenery in order to host a game with my own resources. Finding people to play with should be okay: the local wargame club puts on the occasional Bolt Action game in 28mm... I suppose I could try and put on some 20mm ones. I could try and get my father to play. My brother would be up for a game, but he lives in London. I could probably get enough games in. I actually put Bolt Action as a game on my Boardgame Geek 10 by 10 challenge, to encourage me to play it at least 10 times this year. 

The second issue, scenery, is one I will be also solving. My resources will probably move away from building up armies (apart from some German support weapons), and become more about creating scenery. This will involve painting up my Kickstartered Modular buildings, creating a French Village, and somehow creating a butt tonne of Bocage. The final one is the most problematic. I am still searching for the perfect method.

I will provide regular updates as I search.

I wish you all a successful new year.