Monday, 7 November 2016

UCS Marines.

The elite of the elite. These soldiers, taken from the ranks of the normal UCS forces are trained harder and are usually genetically enhanced. These guys go in where no-one else can. The squads caught on camera here are wearing a standard uniform used for ship based combat or if they are involved in standard combat. 

There are many uniform variants, but this is the most recognisable of the lot as when you see these suits approaching your positions, you know you are probably screwed.

This particular unit, denoted by the purple shoulder plate are known for their low casualty rate, and as such are a popular unit to try to join. The low casualty rate comes from excellent leadership and a sense of independence in the troops themselves. They always look after their own, and do not go rushing gung-ho into silly situations. Cautious yet deadly.

(Apologies for the terrible pictures. I just snapped these after work today and didn't have time between cooking and working to set up a better shot with better light.)

Friday, 4 November 2016

Starport Scum with teenagers

So my brother in law is a teenager. He and his friends spent some time making sections of my modular interior. They aren't finished, but we decided to have a game. I set it up.

The scenario was this: two crews of bounty hunters are after vital information on one of their bounties. The information is in the locked room on the top of the station. When the teams advance my guards would appear. 

As it happens the guys lost interest because the fighting didn't start soon enough. Also because some of them suddenly realised it meant not being on their phones for a period of time over 5 minutes.

This badass is the one who stopped most of the teams advancing.

I might just stick to solo gaming, or pick my game team better.