Wednesday 22 November 2023

AI Art

 I thought it would be fun to experiment with AI art. I signed up to and get 10 free prompts each day. They are pretty cool. I thought it would be fun to create images to set the mood for battle reports. Well, words didn't really work to get WW2 specific art created. Have a look at these where I asked for WW2 Germans, Volksgrenadier, Battle of the Bulge, Panzers:

This looks like a T34 with a Chaffee turret all protected by Schürzen. Classic. 

US infantry with made up guns? Wonky guns! 

These look more Russian than German. Not accurate though. 

Then I went for a Cyberpunk style picture of a rag tag crew armed to the teeth. I like this one most. 

Sunday 15 October 2023

BattleGroup - 500 points US infantry division vs. Volksgrenadiers

 Last night I decided I would play a game. During the early evening I set up my mat and then got my terrain out. My four-year-old son loved helping me build a village, he especially liked placing the trees. In fact, he wanted to do it again today but we didn't get to it in the end. The lighting wasn't exactly great, and I have to admit, even though I had the table set up early, I didn't start playing until 20:30. 500 points was a push at that sort of time. I ended up calling the game after 2 hours as I was getting tired. 

The table looked great. It made me happy to see my terrain being used, and not looking as garbage as I often believe it looks. The dark green field is a new addition, made from an actual green towel, drybrished with cheap craft paints - white and dark yellow. I also stuck some clump foliage along one edge, which I think was a genius move. My burnt out cottage also made its first appearance on table, in fact I put a smoke marker over it which was fun.

The game was an Attack/Counterattack game. The US forces had some scout units while the Germans did not. It made for an interesting start, but eventually it all bogged down into a bit of a slog fest of me bringing troops on slowly from the rear into a meat grinder. I didn't particulary enjoy the game much. Maybe I am bored of solo games?

Here the 57mm ATG starts putting in work, knocking out a StuG III who decided to advance up the road. 

High point of the game was when that same 57mm crew needed to roll 12 to penetrate the Panther - and managed it on their second shot. 

There was heavy fighting over this barn - it is one of the objectives. The flags represent a unit inside the building.

In the end it worked out as a marginal US win who had pulled 17 BR vs. 20 BR for the Germans. 

Tuesday 3 October 2023

The Grail I didn't even know I was looking for!

 Over the years I have printed out many, many PDFs for various wargames. I have tried having them in book form in different ways, none of which have been pleasing to me. Getting them ring-bound online is surprisingly expensive! More than the PDF is worth most of the time, especially if I want them to have a card back and plastic front. 

But then! An email! They found one at work and are offering it out or getting rid of it! I have never moved so fast in my life! Printed out and tested a bind! Here is my new, shiny copy of A Sergeant's War - a set of rules I haven't played in a long time, but love. Now I have them in a format that I can actually use like a book.

Tuesday 26 September 2023

Some finished Knights appear!

 Last night I put the final, finishing touches on those three knights, and here they are:

After the all-over-Agrax Earthshade wash, I highlighted the steel parts with Runefang Steel - a light drybrush. I then used one of the bone colours for a general, all over the figure highlight. For me, table top distance is the more important factor - not award winning painting. I am really pleased with these guys.

Below I just used that same bone colour to highlight everything. I am a bit done with these guys. I haven't played X-Com in a while, so my interest in these figures has waned. I also have no aliens for them to fight, nor do I have terrain for them to fight in.

Here are all of my steel-armoured figures. I absolutely love them, although the one time they have seen combat, they lost. My favourite is still probably the one on the far right, ot the guy in the middle. 

Monday 25 September 2023

Knights of Non-Lockdown

 Hi, all. It has been over a month. In that time I have written part of a Soviet army list for Battlegroup, planned numerous times to paint or play something, and have played a few little card games with my wife and children. I missed the boardgame night, and the first few weeks of term are generally incredibly busy. I just haven't wanted to do anything. We had no TV for a while as my one-year-old broke the sound cable when he knocked the sound bar onto the floor, and that was bliss. I read my library book - still unfinished. Anyway, while on Zoom last night I forced myself to get my gear out and made progress on these three figures. 

The two on the left and middle are Perry Miniatures Wars of the Roses men-at-arms. The figure on the right is a Reaper Bones miniature. I painted his shield purple, and used purple hints on the other two to make some kind of faction if needed. Last night I also put the steel and some blue on another couple of guys.

All that remains for these is some steel dry brushing, then some highlights on that black cloak especially.

Sunday 13 August 2023

Super Cheap Wargaming - my battlemat

 In an effort to save space and funds, I have been trying to figure out how to more efficiently store my wargaming surface. 

I have the grass mat pictured below, which looks lovely, but takes up a lot of space. It doesn't fit in my cupboard when rolled up. I don't have a 1m wide/tall space that is easily accesible so it just sits around in the way. Also, when playing with 1/72 Airfix Cromwells, the tracks get all caught up and hooked in the mat. 

When going to the Super Cheap Wargaming group many different things were suggested, one was spray painting patches onto my already existing desert felt.

So I gave it a go. I sprayed a section of my felt to see what it would look like. I was pleased. A few light areas, a few dark areas. I happened to have a green and brown spray. Lovely. I will try it with a game soon. 

Sunday 30 July 2023

July - Boardgame Night

 I made it out to the Boardgame Lounge the other night. I sat with a couple of people and got playing. The first thing we did was play L.L.A.M.A. which is a hilarious little game.

We also played Lucky Numbers which I really enjoyed. The point is to get rows and columns of ascending numbers. Simple, quick, but fun. Not fluff, no faff. A game after my own heart. 

Cubitos was an interesting game. It consists of rolling dice to create resources in order to buy further dice. The dice provide abilities that help your character move further in order to cross the finish line first/furthest. The entire thing was hilariously fun. It gave me flashbacks of Marvel Dice Masters, drawing, rolling, actions. There is a push your luck element, which screwed me at the very end, but there are also interesting catch up mechanisms. I liked it, it was fun, but losing on my final turn due to pushing my luck too far left a bad taste in my mouth.

Flamme Rouge is a cycling game. A race using cards with numbers on them for movement. But you need to judge correctly. If you speed out too fast, then you are penalised - the cyclists at the front have to draw a 2 movement penalty card that goes into their deck. It combines a bit of deck drawing and planning, which I like. Thoroughly enjoyed it to be honest. Coming second helped. 

I also played Zombie Dice - fun for a few minutes to fill the gap between games.