Saturday, 8 December 2018

Flanel Fields

I hate the boring green gaming mat I sometimes use. The plain desert mats are okay. The fake grass from Lidl are also decent, although can still be quite boring. Unless I absolutely throw down with scatter terrain, there is just so much blank green. So my search to shake things up a bit led me to watch this video. It inspired me to go to Tesco and spend £1 on two tan coloured face washing cloths (my mum raised me calling these "flannels"). I cut out some squares and painted them up as follows:

I much prefer how the green one came out. Although I watered the green paint down to really soak into the cloth. The brown one had neat paint, which I think was a mistake, although it isn't that bad. I might dry brush a few other brighter colours on it to be fair. 

All in all I am pretty happy with these. The only problem is that they are thicker than I was expecting, and I have no idea what kind of wash cloth the guy in the YouTube tutorial used because that one appears much thinner. The ends also curl up a little, but that isn't too bad. 

For the cost, they are fine. The most time consuming thing is getting the green paint on. 

Friday, 7 December 2018

Imperial Assault Miniatures - Rebels, Wookiees, Stormie

Very pleased with how these turned out. Terrible shame I won't be keeping them as they are my brother's. Painting these miniatures makes me want to get into large miniature skirmish gaming...but space and money...

Colonial Marines and Xenomorphs

Two nights in a row I have managed to find the desire to paint some miniatures. Now I feel like I have my groove back.

Below are my attempts at painting an ultimate bad-ass and his team of ultimate bad-asses. No pointy sticks though. I am not sure if I am happy with the colour scheme though. Luckily I only painted up 4 of them.

Here we see the Xenos. They are looking good. I used two different base colours, but can't really tell the difference. Happy with how they turned out I will be able to bash out a whole bunch more of them quite quickly.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Imminent Paternity Leave

So back in February 2017 I had my two weeks of paternity leave. We had just moved house and I had recently managed to get my gaming computer up and running again. During those two weeks, in the evenings once all were in bed, I almost completed the campaign of X-Com: Enemy Unknown, messed around with Skyrim and also a little Starcraft 2. It took until a few weeks ago to actually get round to finishing X-Com, and my gaming rig has since been sold.

My next child is due to arrive within the next four weeks, and I am wondering what I can do during those paternity evenings. No more X-Com to play. My laptop can't handle Skyrim. I honestly don't feel like competitive online gaming, which rules Starcraft 2 out, as I have finished the campaign. I had originally thought to play Galactic Civilizations III, but my laptop can't handle that. I tried to play Galactic Civilizations II the other day and just wasn't into it. As such I am at a loss. It may just be the case that I devote those evenings to model making, figure painting, terrain building, and wargaming. I reckon I can bash out a few games in those evenings.

So, unless anyone has any fairly non-graphics heavy computer game that I can sink my teeth into for two weeks, I think there may be an explosion of productivity regarding this hobby.

The following things need to be completed:

6mm Xenomorphs
6mm Colonial marines + APC
6mm US anti tank guns

Imperial Assult miniatures for my brother

6mm hedgerows/bocage
6mm roads
6mm fields

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Youbos - Vector Art

I've been having a bit more fun with my vector art. Youbos - a dustball with colonies for reasons that make no sense. The software I used is Vectr. It took me a while to work out how to create a silhouette but I managed. 

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Normandy Progress: A closer look at the hedges.

I brought my felt mat back from school to see how the hedges and roads look on a green backdrop. My kain take away from this is that I really don't like the felt mat. It is too uniform. I much prefer the Lidl mats I bought this summer. I also need more by way of fields and things to break up the green.

A German ambush lies in wait. I mean it looks fine, but the road is curling up which annoys me. I have found other methods for road creation, so hopefully I can experiment with those soon.

The GIs advance. Hoping to hold the road junction. It all feels very cramped. Not sure how happy I am with that. I feel very much like "that'll do" but want more. I want to wow myself with my terrain making prowess. Back to the ideas phase I think for roads. Hedges I am pleased with. I just need more.

Friday, 5 October 2018

Welcome to Tedrion III

I have been browsing Pintrest a lot lately, and have stumbled across "Vector Art" or "Flat Design/Art". Now colour me inspired, but I decided to give it a go and perhaps bring life to the worlds of Tranquil Stars. 

Above you can see my first attempt at creating a poster for Tedrion III.