Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Reinforcements: All factions. Updated photos for Activities Week.

 The Collective of Independent Systems.

 HySys GMBH. A major corporation with all kinds of interests in all kinds of systems.

Neo Christian Union. Fanatical about converting others to their cause. By any means necessary.

 Quansec. Another corporation with interstellar interests. It is always worth having a security wing for...hostile negotiations.

 New Charon Militia. They even managed to get hold of a couple of old UCS tanks.

 New Vesta Defence Force. Their job is to hold out until the nearest UCS garrison can be mobilized.

Factions aside, I have some other things going on. Terrain is being built on a production line. These are varnished, the three on top have been sprayed with a matt laquer. All things coming along nicely. I will add some dry brushing at some point.

Am I a bad person? I have literally used a sharpie to draw on doors and other designs. I just want them done for next week.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Reinforcements: UCS and another faction

For my activities day event I am running 5 games at once. As such I need 10 armies. I think this will be my final army, but I have no back story for them yet.

CinC Solar Empire Marines, also their tanks. Iron Wind Metals 10mm battle armour for the mecha.

I don't have great photos of the UCS armies that I have created. So I thought I would take one and show it. 

Brigade models Neo Soviet tanks and PacFed infantry. Ground Zero Games mecha and the big one is EM4.

Below are two sniper teams on New Vesta. I thought I would make some special forces units.

CinC planetary militia? 

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Western Alliance and Mercenaries on the way.

Finished up some regular Western Alliance forces to battle it out with the PAC.

Brigade Models generic infantry; Heroics and Ros Challenger IIs (one with a Ground Zero Games gun on it); Heroics and Ros Australian APCs (the name of which escapes me).

A rag-tag band of mercenaries, originally meant to be the Crimson Skulls. I got bored of giving them all red helmets though so might move away from that.

An assortment of Ground Zero Games infantry.

Below we see my first experiment with hedges in 6mm. Lolly sticks. Clump foliage mixed in with PVA glue and stuck to the sticks. It was a messy, annoying process, and it completely did not feel like the foliage would stay stuck. However, when checking in the morning the whole thing had solidified pretty well. Just need to paint the lolly sticks then.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Reinforcements for the Western Alliance and the Pan Asian Combine

So far we have only seen light, mobile infantry fighting for the Western Alliance, but their standard infantry are busy fighting in Tedrion City.  The standard Brigade Models infantry.

Also with the fighting getting bogged down, the PAC have decided to send in their assault mecha. If you can't root enemy infantry out of a building...bring down the entire block. 10mm battle armour from Battlemech on Iron Wind Metals.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Tedrion III pt. 2, Closing the noose.

With the battle of Tedrion City raging to the north, and with ever more units being sucked into the bloody street fighting, the PAC commander has decided to encircle the city and deny the Alliance forces any supplies and reinforcements.

A PAC battlegroup advanced to cut one of the final remaining roads into Tedrion City that are held by the Alliance. Their mission: destroy any defending Alliance presence, dig in and stop any supplies or reinforcements entering the city.

The road, a neighbouring farm and some Green Jackets defending. PAC forces advancing from the East.

Green Jackets dug in and ready to defend the road into the city.

Storming in from the East, PAC infantry and mecha open fire, tearing into the flank of the Alliance defenders. An armoured car is destroyed, and infantry hunker further down in the farm complex.

The Green Jacket commander turns and sends fire over to the attackers, causing some damage, and sending infantry scurrying for cover.

Repositioning, and attempting to outflank the PAC flanking maneuver, an Alliance armoured car opens fire on the advancing mech, damaging its maneuvering servos.

A heavy firefight continues on the southern flank. PAC infantry break and run, leaving many dead and dying on the field of battle.

PAC armour advances to tackle the Alliance tank blocking the way.

The PAC commander makes the decision to bring on their reserve armour, a decision that would prove successful.

Intense fighting on the southern flank results in the destruction of the Alliance tank, and the almost complete immobilization of a PAC mech.

The hero PAC armour charges in to tackle the armoured car and hopefully allow the engineers the opportunity to recover the mech on the hill.

The alliance commander takes PAC armour under fire, damaging the tank, but himself receives a couple of rocket hits from the PAC infantry on the high ground.

One of the remaining functional mecha fires a few salvos at the armoured car, the turret shooting off into the air as the magazine starts popping off rounds inside. The crew do not make it out, those brave souls.

In an attempt to stem the tide, the Alliance commander calls in some reserves. They speed up the road to attempt to out flank the PAC forces.

Calling on the reserves would be the final act of the commander as he bravely engages in a firefight with the infantry on the high ground. Unfortunately the countermeasures cannot stop every infantry launched rocket and one too many get through, destroying the tank, removing the battlegroup's commander. This loss sent the Alliance defenders dangerously close to their breaking point.

The infantry on the high ground also engage the infantry garrisoning the farm complex - forcing them to break and become combat ineffective. With the loss of the farm complex, there is nowhere to anchor the defensive line. The Green Jackets complete a fighting withdrawal.

Another road has been cut. The final encirclement of Tedrion City looked to be nearly complete. Surely victory would be soon to follow.

This was a fun game. I barely used the entire board. I feel like outflanking was very important with this game, and will experiment with that in further games.

I did NOT use the solo variant for this game as I was feeling pretty impartial. I think I managed to do it well. I made decisions that made sense, but the Alliance suffered from worse dice rolls.

Until next time.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Tedrion III - A Horizon Wars Battle

When they said to invade the Tedrion system, it was meant to be a walk over. The fleet battle was quick and brutal, with the Alliance Navy having to retreat out of the system having taken heavy damage. The ground fighting on Tedrion III on the other hand, was not going as planned. Bloody jungle fighting had turned the campaign into a battle of attrition between the defending Alliance forces and the invading Pan Asian Combine Army.

Tasked with joining up with another unit the PAC battlegroup had to advance along the jungle road, passed an abandoned settlement.

AMBUSH! An Alliance tank emerges and opens fire, damaging the PAC armour. The PAC commander realises the advance may get bogged down in rear fighting, but he can little afford this. Some units may have to fight a heavy rearguard action.

Alliance infantry charge at the PAC armour, causing damage, but taking heavy damage in the process. Any PAC casualties caused will delay or maybe even prevent a larger attack on Tedrion City. 

The bipedal PAC Destroyer fires a few salvos at the armour, causing even more damage. They can't afford to get bogged down fighting an unexpected battle in the middle of the jungle.

Hero PAC infantry charge the tank down and engage. Using hand held anti tank weapons they manage to destroy it, opening up the road again.

PAC armour leaves the road and successfully destroys another Alliance tank. Now they can begin advancing again.

Another unit of infantry emerges from the jungle to engage. PAC infantry scramble for cover as a firefight breaks out.

Also emerging from cover, another Alliance tank reigns down destruction on PAC armour before being destroyed itself.

Time is running out, but the PAC forces have managed to advance to the abandoned settlement. The armour and a Destroyer set up defensive positions in case of an Alliance counter attack.

Taking her chances one of the PAC tank commanders engages some emerging Alliance armour at extreme long range.

Alliance forces advance through the jungle to engage the PACA in the settlement. Any disruption caused will be worth it. This last ditch effort will hopefully be able to disrupt the planned attack on Tedrion City. 

The PAC forces are nearly there. They are regrouping and forming up in the settlement ready for the final push out of the jungle.

PAC armour destroys more Alliance armour. Things are looking better.

A series of close combats occur, with infantry dying on either side. At this point the PAC force can afford to take some casualties, while the Alliance are running out of reserves.

In the final monents of the battle, the lead Destroyer obliterates the remaining Alliance infantry, causing the rest of their enemies to break and flee. 

While delayed and having suffered some casualties, the PAC commander considers this a victory, continuing his march to meet up with the other battlegroup and launch their attack on Tedrion City.

This was my first time using the Horizon Wars Solo extention. I did, however, modify it and invent some events based on an old game of Blitzkrieg Commander I read many moons ago.

1. For every terrain feature that the PAC forces passed, a die was rolled. 6+ resulted in a unit appearing. On another die roll 1-6 brought infantry on, 7-12 brought heavy cav.  

2. Whether I misread the rules, I decided to give the AI forces just one action each. I did, however use the card based activation system. I never got to create a complication though.

3. I did not use the scenario provided. I made my own up. At the beginning of turn 5, the remaining Alliance elements would enter from the north edge to try and intercept, and follow the card system.

4. I used my breaking point chit system, stolen from the Battlegroup rules.

5. I used a random damage assignment die: 1-4 M, 5-8 F, 9-12 A. Crit always goes on A.

I quite liked the solo rules, although it resulted in a lot of close quarter combat, which is pretty deadly. 

Sunday, 27 May 2018

New Faction - Name needed.

So I threw together these guys today. I will be finishing them off tomorrow. But I have no idea who they are or what I will use them for. If anyone has any ideas, I am open to them. You will receive full credit.