Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Discover: Lands Unknown

Today I saw a Reddit thread talking about the trailer from this new game by FFG. Discover: Unknown Lands. The idea is that no game box is the same so your copy will contain different cards from mine.  This mechanic seems interesting, but I am more interested in the premise: you wake up in a random wilderness and have to figure out why you are there and how to get home.

I will be following this closely.

Image from FFG website.

Link to website.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Reinforcements - completed some armour and a little terrain.

Having pocketed some bark from the park, I didn't want it to hang around in my house for over a year again so got cracking last night. It is now ready to be primed black, then have a few layers of drybrushing and a flocking. So simple, but great LOS blockers.

The following vehicles simply received one colour, some grey and then a highlight. I don't know who they belong to. I just wanted to get them off the painting bench.

These will likely match up with either the Western Alliance or the UCS. They are a similar camouflage pattern as the other three vehicles of this type.

My Angry Birds McDonalds Happymeal launchers. Now they are planetary defense cannons, built into rocks. They are capable of shooting down orbiting craft. I figured they will be useful objectives and campaign mcguffins. 

I will now be house sitting for my inlaws for the next two weeks. I hope to make use of the extra space to create things that can dry outside or in a spare bedroom. 

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Projects for the Summer Holidays

With the completion of activities week, it appears I have some kind of hobby burn out. Not surprising as I rushed to get a lot done for that week. However, a few projects are finding their way into my mind, and a few ideas are forming.

1. Complete some more 6mm WW2 terrain. I need roads. I have ideas. I just need to make them.

2. Order and paint some WW2 armoured vehicles. I have enough infantry to field a platoon. I just need more armour options.

3. Build more bark rock formations - I found myself at a play area yesterday and filled my pockets with bark. They will get formed ASAP.

4. Paint some Imperial Assault miniatures from my brother. He will be giving me some guys to paint and I will do my best.

5. Customize some old WOTC Star Wars Miniatures. I would like to make characters from the new trilogy.

I guess watch this space.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Star Wars Miniatures revisit

I shall be introducing the kids at school to the old OOP Wizards of the Coast game of Star Wars Miniatures. Discontinued in 2010, I had been collecting for just over a year, but was completely hooked. I carried on collecting and playing. I even play-tested characters for the first few community produced V-Sets until my studies and desire to play Starcraft 2 took over. After a pause, I put in a few months of training so I could compete in the 2012 Gencon tournament over in the USA, won 3 games, lost 3 games and have pretty much not touched the game since except to play a few Hoth games with my giant AT-AT. 

During my year abroad in Germany, 2010 - 2011 I got into customizing the miniatures so I could have more accurate representations of new community created characters for which there weren't existing miniatures. 

In preparation for tomorrow's introduction, I dusted off the miniatures and had a rifle through them. Here are a couple of my customizations, and early examples of my painting. I had not discovered washes at this point.

Behold the Tonnika sisters and some droids.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

GZG Birthday Present.

I made an order from GZG to arrive and open this morning. It arrived very quickly, well packaged as normal.

I ordered a set of mecha, 4 vehicles, and five packs of infantry. I love the description of their 6mm infantry packs, where it claims there are "30+" figures. My very first order contained about 87 infantry in one single pack, which was amazing. Since then I have always had, perhaps overly, high expectations.

Here we have the ESU naval infantry. 61 infantry. This will be enough to increase the size of my New Charon Militia, have some single based figures for skirmishing, and also perhaps mix them in to create some Rebels for possible Star Wars projects.

 I think these are the FSE infantry, but can't remember. I will edit this when home. 56 infantry. Some of these may be put in my Star Wars project, others will be turned into militia. These guys are more likely to be used for skirmish gaming.

The following two factions have 60 figures each. Plenty for both Horizon Wars and skirmish gaming. They are the Islamic Federation and the Corporate Japanese factions? I am not sure what my plan for these figures is though. I think one lot will be the Second Caliphate, but the others, I have no clue. I just want a stash of figures.

New Israeli. 59 infantry. Reinforcements for The Pan Asian Combine, plus some single based for skirmishing.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Pipelines, ruins, crashes. Terrain.

 Last night, in spite of wargaming overload I decided to try and finish up some more terrain to make for a few interesting games.

Pipe lines with grass. Looking better now. I couldn't be bothered to texture the lolly sticks, but it works okay. Not happy with the grass on the hedges though.

Alien ruins, hidden in the jungle. Also an old forgotten building.

A crashed escape pod. Another thing that could be either guns or ship engines. Another forgotten pill building. Happy with this stuff.

Activities Week Day 3. Fewer Photos.

The QRS for my QRS which wasn't quick enough.

Empire of Oceana capture the village.

Fighting over the objectives.

Advancing against PAC armour.

NCU and New Charon Militia battling it out.

Kids who wrote their own armies.

Quansec and HySys fighting it out over the crystals.

More crystal action.

Battle over the farm.

Advancing into town.