Thursday, 27 November 2014

Operation Build a village...part something.

Tomorrow is a university day. It means I am not in the classroom, am not stressing about it, and have somehow managed to get most of my planning done. As such, I allowed myself to do some evening painting. The walls are textured with some cheap wall filler. In all honesty, I am disappointed with the filler in just about every way. For some reason I could barely squeeze it out of the tube, and it doesn't seem to have set amazingly. Hopefully the paint will help, and when I dry brush it will add some depth. I stuck paper around the corners to hide the edge of the foamboard.

The lintels are coffee stirrers and the window are matchsticks. The doors are also coffee stirrers stuck to the inside of the building. I can't decide which colour to paint the wood, and I also need to make window frames for the inside, but I am pleased with my progress. I might pop into town Saturday morning to pick up some supplies.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

I vaguely remember starting a village...

Today I cleared off the table. I organised the piles of paper that were cluttering it up, organised my folders full of evidence that I have met the teaching standards, and found the time for some relaxation.

In moments of spare time/boredom I have been sketching designs for various buildings. I decided to dust off my tools and start making one. Here is what I have gotten so far.

It is a little rough right now, but I plan on spending much of my modelling time making it look great. I want to up my game with buildings, and just modelling in general.

My to do list for this one:

  • Lintels made from match sticks.
  • Shutters from something.
  • Doors.
  • Wall texture with wall filler. I want to try this over bird sand.
  • Roof using some sort of tiles texture. 
  • Base of hardboard, with a little garden. 
I might throw together some tanks, but have so many unfinished ones of those, that I probably won't. My StuGs have been half painted, and I will post them at some point.